Saturday, June 9, 2012

flying day!

This is an unusual trip, in that we're leaving New York early afternoon on a Saturday. Usually we seem to leave at 10pm or later on a Thursday, so weekend? Sunny afternoon? Bizarre! Since (a) my favorite treat is breakfast out and (b) Marc is too excited to sit still, we're going out for breakfast before we leave for Newark. The flight's kind of long, just to go to Mexico (says the native Texan, who still thinks it's just right over there); we fly to Houston, change planes and then head down to Oaxaca. It'll be dark when we finally get to our lovely hotel, which will look like this the following morning:

the patio, where I'm sure we'll sit and drink coffee
The next post will be live from Oaxaca -- I'm so thrilled about this trip!


Marta Szabo said...

Yeah but I was waiting to hear where you had breakfast. Popovers perchance?

Lori said...

Nope, not Popovers! Just a joint in my immediate neighborhood -- Deluxe Diner. There was very little that was deluxe about it this morning, except my happy mood, which was enough!