Monday, June 18, 2012

images all together

Here are all the photos from the trip in one slideshow, and a couple of videos below that:

This was the marimba band we heard the first night in the restaurant. The sound on my phone isn't that great, because this was a much richer sound, but it was kind of jalopy-ish:

And this was the wonderful mariachi band at our hotel. They were standing underneath the overhang, so all you can see is the main singer, but there were trumpet players (you'll hear them!) and guitars and an accordion:

Despite the very end of the trip for me, this was a wonderful, fabulous, refreshing and restorative trip. We had a great time together, ate some very good food, enjoyed the sun and the beautiful people of Oaxaca and Mazunte, and want to go back next year. Viva Mexico, seriously y'all.

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