Monday, June 11, 2012

Monte Alban and the rest

We keep thinking of Ricardo Montalban whenever we talk about this place, which is one of the largest archeological ruins in Oaxaca state. When we get home, I'll dig up some of the information from Lonely Planet and fill out the post -- for now, some pictures!

cute hat, right? And some cool ruins behind.
beautiful foliage -- the  light was just so nice on this
carvings -- the originals were in the on-site museum, for protection
this little guy was trying to sell us a "real authentic" thing from the site. sweet little guy,
pretty cool looking joint
this was the center of the site
one of the bigger temple sites
the playing field -- they used rubber balls, not human bodies like at Chichen Itza
the largest stele on the site -- used to mark the astronomical year
When we got back to our hotel, there was a wonderful mariachi band serenading a large birthday party. I have a video too, I'll upload it when we get home and put it here. The music was amazing.

nothing like a good mariachi band!
We ate dinner at a wonderful little restaurant called La Olla. It was sweet, the service was sweet, and the food was magnificent. We'll go back, when we return to Oaxaca.

it was a sunny, beautiful space -- these are candles hanging against the green wall
we started with guacamole -- the way I like it, limey and chunky. those dark bits? We think they're fried grasshopper. It was with all the appetizers.

camarones al diablo -- YES. HOT. DEVIL HOT. Delicious.

Then we went to the zocalo, where we listened to a wonderful marimba band. Even better, though, were the people who came to dance.

the saxophonist was full of heart
the band was GREAT. Seriously.
This couple was very formal with each other, but gorgeous dancers.
these were just so lovely -- light and loving each other while dancing.
the cathedral at night -- stunning!
Tomorrow we fly to the coast, in a little plane that seats 11 people. Over the mountains (kinda low, we hear, so we hope it's nice weather so (a) we can see, and (b) it's not scary!), to the Pacific coast. The place we're going, Mazunte, is a charming little beach town, and the place we're staying looks amazing. More tomorrow!

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